Posted on August 18, 2008

Homeowner's Insurance San DiegoNorman Insurance Agency specializes in homeowners insurance policies. Offering expertise, knowledge, and established relationships with providers, customers have options whether they are seeking coverage for their home, mobile home, or renting. The cost and coverage need to match what the customer needs to feel protected, and the Normans understand that each situation is unique. Customers will have an opportunity to compare coverage and cost details to determine what is best for their specific needs.

Homeowners Insurance
Commonly a packaged policy, homeowners are provided protection in the case of damage to their home as well as covering injuries that occur on the property. Disaster coverage is part of a standard homeowner’s policy with the exception of earthquake and flood. Additional coverage can be provided to customers by purchasing these policies separately to cover these two areas.
A standard policy would provide coverage for the dwelling, personal property, as well as liability protection, and additional living expenses. These coverages would be in force if the home was exposed to a covered loss.

Mobile Home Insurance
Similar to homeowner’s policies, mobile home insurance is customized to provide appropriate coverage for mobile home owners. This insurance provides protection for both physical damage and personal liability. The physical damage portion of the policy will cover costs for damage to your mobile home in most situations as a result of a disaster covered by the policy, theft or vandalism. The personal liability coverage in mobile home policies applies when someone is injured, or damage caused to property due to the owner’s actions.

Renters Insurance
The coverage offered through a renter’s insurance policy provides customers protection and relief financially when personal possessions are lost or destroyed when renting. A renter’s insurance policy would cover losses due to a theft, fire, or similar disaster, that would otherwise not be covered by the landlord, or property owner’s policy.