Our Family Caring For Yours

At home in Olde Carlsbad, the family-owned and operated Norman Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing customers personalized attention when determining their insurance needs. The office was originally a vision of Fred Norman who started providing insurance to Carlsbad residents more than 40 years ago. Phyllis Norman, now managing the Carlsbad office with her two sons Bryan and Richard, continue to offer the same personalized service that Fred founded the business on more than 40 years ago.

Carlsbad State BeachThe roots of the office grow deep with the history of the Norman family, a fixture in the Carlsbad community. Located at the corner of Grand and Harding, the Normans are more than familiar with the area, residing many years as a family on Harding Street itself. A unique approach to providing insurance services is what the Norman Insurance Agency offers, making every effort to put customers at ease when making insurance choices. Richard Norman said, “I want to provide an efficient and personal option for customers to get the insurance they need. I believe in being real, efficient, and doing the job right the first time”. A shared approach by all the Norman family is working to save people money whenever possible, but always making sure that customers have the insurance they need to be protected.

Customers will have a different experience at the Norman Insurance Agency. Instead of being routed through an impersonal voice mail process which is common these days, customers always hear a voice at the end of the line. The Norman family is committed to its customers, and exceeds customer’s expectations when assisting them in determining the best insurance choices. Phyllis says that what makes them different is that, “Customers are an extension of our family – it has always been that way and always will”.